Square green metal container on wheels with a giant funnel on top.

Spend 80% less time testing safety showers.

Safety shower testing can be slow and frustrating.

But it doesn’t have to be. Using Green Gobbler Safety, testing is as simple as “roll up, lift funnel, and activate shower!” You don’t even have to drain the tank in between showers– for a 6-second flow, the tank can test up to 15 showers without being drained. When you do need to empty the tank, simply plug the cart into an outlet and pump out the water!

With inadequate solutions, testing can take up to 10 minutes per shower, especially if you spill water and have to clean up a mess. Our test carts take less than 2 minutes to test a shower, saving you valuable time.

Decrease labor costs by up to 90%.

With the Green Gobbler Safety shower test carts, a 2-person testing process is changed into an easy, individual operation. By cutting half of your labor costs and increasing productivity in testing showers, the cart quickly pays for itself!

For example, if you have 12 showers that each take 5 minutes to test and requires 2 people to run the test, that’s 2 hours of labor. However, with those same 12 showers and 1 person using the shower test cart, you’ll only have 24 minutes of labor at an test time of less than 2 minutes!


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