Safety Shower Test Cart

Patent Pending

Safety Shower Compliance Testing

Fast, easy, and safe testing: The cart speeds up and simplifies manual weekly performance checks for emergency safety showers. With plenty of capacity for annual tests.

Just a single person is needed to roll it up to a safety shower, place the funnel at the desired test height and activate the shower. The water flows into the 30 gallon tank. When the test is done, roll it to the next shower and repeat. No one has to lift and carry buckets or has to clear up spillages.

The sturdy funnel collects the water, the tank stores it. At resting height the funnel is at the perfect height to verify 20″ diameter spread. Easily adjust the height to the shower head to catch water for higher flow tests. Thanks to the integral powerful pump, water is removed into a slop sink- no one lifts or carries any buckets!

Test 10 or more showers before easily wheeling the cart to a slop sink or other convenient location for quick emptying by the integral pump. NO LIFTING!

Perform a number of different checks:

  • Volume flow measurement
  • Visual check of spray patterns
  • Visual check of water quality


  • Easy to use by a single person
  • Safe – no lifting! Pump does the emptying
  • Fast – test many showers in a row before emptying
  • Clean – no muss, no fuss!
  • Compact
  • Durable – strong construction

Safety Shower Test Cart – ANSI compliance testing

Patent Pending


  • 2 fixed wheels, 2 lockable castors
  • 7′ pump hose
  • 30 gallon (113 liter) capacity
  • High-performance pump (drains in 2-3 min.)
  • Low level tap for gravity discharge to drain
  • 60″ lowest height is for spray diameter test
  • 84″ tallest height for complete water capture
  • 21″ wide funnel to catch overspray from 20″ spread test


  • Frame/tank: powder coated aluminum
  • Telescoping pipe: sturdy PVC
  • Funnel: LLDPE, meets FDA standards


  • 20′ electricity cable
  • Outlet valve with GHT hose thread


  • 62 lbs when empty


  • Gobbler green standard
  • Gobbler green standard
    For school color, slight upcharge, minimum two carts, select closest match from – ask for details


  • SSTC-5

Funnel to catch water and visual checks for spray patterns and water quality

pipe with gauge attached.
Temperature Gauge for testing safety shower water.

pump hose
7′ pump hose and 20′ electric cord with on/off switch

rear axle guard
Rear axle guard for foot support to lift front over thresholds, cords, etc.

lockable front casters
3.5″ lockable front casters

Dual telescopic pipe
Dual telescopic pipe, locking

Water level gauge
Water level gauge in 2 gallon increments

Outlet spigot
Outlet spigot if electricity is not available

rear casters
8″ fixed rear casters