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Safety Shower
Test Cart


The cart that transforms your safety shower testing. Can test showers up to 8′ tall. At rest, funnel is at 5′ for water spread test.


safety shower test cart with drain tray and t-bowl

Test Cart Package


The Safety Shower Test Cart plus the Drain Tray Package, at a bundled price.


Stainless Steel Safety Shower Test Cart


A stainless steel version of the Safety Shower Test Cart for use in sterile environments.


Stainless Steel Test Cart Package


A stainless steel version of the Safety Shower Test Cart for use in sterile environments, plus the Drain Tray Package.


drain tray package image

Drain Tray Package


Used to test wall-recessed eyewashes and pedestal eyewashes without bowls (T-Bowl collects drainage from tray). Includes cart suspension support for tray and drain hose from tray to T-Bowl.




Used to test most types of pedestal eyewashes. Able to be used alone or used with Safety Shower Test Cart to collect water while testing many eyewashes at a time.


woman holding little gobbler testing kit

Little Gobbler

LG, LG with T-Bowl

Safety shower testing kit designed for if you have fewer showers. Includes 5-gallon bucket. T-Bowl can be added on.

LG - $499
LG with T-Bowl - $599

extended funnel pipe on safety shower test cart

Extended Funnel Telescoping Pipe

EP 2, EP 3

Adds 16″ in height for shower heads above 8′. Does not support 5′ water spread test.

EP 2 -$360 (bought separately)
EP 3 - $190 (bought with SSTC, replacing standard funnel pipe)

Want a different color cart?

Other colors available for an upcharge of $225. Select desired color from either of these sites (powder paint only): or

Shipping & handling

Shipping calculated for your destination for SSTC 5 and 5 PAK, including ST versions. Loading dock required at your ship-to address. Other products are shipped via UPS or FedEx ground.

Lead time

Product is normally in stock, but depending on demand, lead times could stretch out to 8 weeks.

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