Safety Shower Test Cart

Safety shower testing made easy, effective, and efficient.

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Make weekly activations easy

The Safety Shower Test Cart speeds up and simplifies manual weekly performance checks for emergency drench showers, making the process seem like a breeze in comparison with other testing methods.

Just a single person is needed to roll the cart up to a safety shower, place the funnel at the desired test height, and activate the shower. After the water safely flows into the 30 gallon tank, the cart can be rolled to the next shower and the process repeated. 

The tank can test up to 15 showers for 6-second tests, removing the need for carrying buckets and constantly emptying them. After filling the tank, the water can quickly and easily be drained using the powerful pump. No lifting or clean-up required!

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Make compliance testing effective

Many organizations struggle to maintain compliance with OSHA and ANSI regulations for safety showers because of how painful and time-consuming the testing process takes. They have a hard time consistently testing showers. No shame here, we get it. 

That’s why we made the Safety Shower Test Cart simple and quick to use, so that you can more easily stay in compliance without all the hassle of messy and slow testing methods.

However, most testing kits are not only frustrating to use, but they also don’t test important safety factors. Our cart is built to test spray diameter, water clarity, water temperature, and flow rate, all which are regulated by ANSI. Testing these factors on a weekly basis, instead of just annually, will ensure you’re fully compliant and keeping employees safe.

Make safety shower testing efficient

Because most emergency shower testing kits are difficult to use and result in spills and messes, the whole process becomes slow and tedious. Not only does this drain your energy and consume your time, but it costs you money too.

Based on customer feedback, we’ve seen that the average testing time for a safety shower is 10.3 minutes and requires 2 employees. The Safety Shower Test Cart averages 3.06 minutes or less to use (depending on whether the unit has an eyewash as well) and only requires 1 employee to operate, cutting labor costs by 85%.

Whether it’s thousands of minutes or thousands of dollars you want to save, we’ve designed the Safety Shower Test Cart to be the most efficient testing kit in the industry.

See the details and features

Testing Features

  • 84″ tallest height completely captures water for weekly activations
  • 60″ shortest height allows for 20″ spray diameter test (funnel is 21″ in diameter to catch overspray)
  • Clear PVC pipe allows for water clarity visibility test
  • Industrial-grade thermometer quickly tests water temperature
  • Tank gauge in gallons & liters enables flow rate test (2 gallons in 6 seconds)

Usability Features

  • 30 gallon (113 liter) capacity
  • Dual telescoping PVC pipe locks in place
  • Integral pump clears water in as little as a minute
  • 7’ hose to evacuate water into sink (fixed in place with hook and loop)
  • 20’ electrical cord for pump with on/off switch
  • Separate spigot to drain water if electricity is not available (has GHT hose thread)
  • 3-1/2” lockable front casters
  • 8” rear casters to move water-loaded cart
  • Axle guard (use foot to leverage cart over thresholds, cords, etc.)

Weight & Material

  • 62 lbs. when empty
  • Durable, welded tank: powder coated aluminum (stainless steel available to order)
  • Telescoping pipe: sturdy PVC
  • Funnel: LLDPE, meets FDA standards
photo of the safety shower test cart
photo of the safety shower test cart inside building
image of the funnel on test cart

Funnel and temperature gauge 

Image of dual telescoping pipe on test cart

Dual telescopic pipe, locking

Image of back of test cart

Drain hose, water level gauge, and electrical cord

image of rear axle guard on test cart

Axle guard and outlet spigot

Front casters

image of rear casters on test cart

Rear casters

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