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Average Rating: 4.9 stars (based on 10 ratings)

Great product, that makes the testing of emergency showers a breeze!

Bob Vermilyea
Berkshire School, Sheffield, MA
Trades Supervisor

The Green Gobbler was super easy to work with. First, I loved not holding the sock over a trash can. I stayed dry, and I didn’t have to lug a mop and bucket around because there was no mess. Second, it was easy to drain. Lastly, we had a shower that wouldn’t turn off so I was able to pump the water out into the sink while the cart was filling up and Facilities was trying to turn the shower off.

Stephanie Colman
Texas A&M University
EHS Coordinator

The Gobbler has totally changed the way we test safety showers.  We like it so much, our staff have actually named it Gigi Waters!

Joan Wickersheim
The University of Texas at Dallas
Assistant Director, Research and Academic Safety

Thank you. We used it on Friday, and it works great.

Jonathan Ebert

It’s much easier

David Wilson
Duke Facilities Management

It looks crazy but it actually works

Steve Williams
Duke Facilities Management
Maintenance Engineer

We love our safety show test cart!

Laura Carmona
HHMI-Janelia Research Campus
Safety Specialist

Your machine is so impressive!

Terry Gallegos
Denver Health

Before using the GreenGobbler, we would test safety showers with a 5 gallon bucket and a shower curtain.  It was time-consuming, physically exhausting, and gave the person doing the testing a not so pleasant shower most of the time.  In using the GreenGobbler, we were able to test an entire research building full of safety showers much more quickly than we could before and with much less of a mess/slip hazard created.  The eyewash testing attachments also came in very handy for testing our combo units.  Since some of our research buildings are rather old, we have some shower heads that are pretty high up.  The extender tube allowed us to easily reach those shower heads to test them with very little mess created.  The built-in thermometer was very easy to read and for the first time allows us to really measure shower temperature.  The tank lets you test several showers in a row without emptying, and the built-in pump makes empty the tank quick and easy.  My only recommendation for an improvement would be to perhaps increase the size of the outlet valve provided if electricity is not available; I had one building where finding a place to dump the water with an outlet couldn’t be found, and it took almost 20 minutes to drain the tank through the spigot.

William Pate
Program Director of Radiation & Occupational Safety, Radiation Safety Officer, & Laser Safety Officer

The T-Bowl is a perfect fit for our eyewashes. We have several lab safety audits completed now. No more using the squeegee and mop to clean up the mess!

Calvin Swartzendruber
Goshen College
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