Transform the way you test safety showers and eyewash stations

The cart that speeds up and simplifies emergency shower tests, ensures you stay in compliance with OSHA regulations, and significantly reduces testing costs.

Let's debunk some myths

Myth #1
Safety shower testing has to be messy and slow.

Say hello to clean and fast.

Most emergency shower testing kits get water all over your floor and take a frustrating amount of time to use.

Green Gobbler Safety cuts down on both the set up and clean up time that is commonly required by weekly shower activations. It’s a no-mess process that’s as simple as “roll up, lift funnel, and activate shower!”

Myth #2
You have to struggle staying in compliance.

Easily ensure you're fully compliant and safe.

Staying in compliance with OSHA and ANSI regulations for safety showers is difficult, either because regular testing is not being conducted or because testing is inadequate.

Because Green Gobbler Safety makes the process easy and fast, you’ll have no trouble staying on top of the weekly activations that ANSI requires. The Safety Shower Test Cart can also test additional safety factors that most testing kits don’t offer, such as water temperature and spray pattern.

Myth #3
Safety shower testing has to be expensive.

Cut testing costs by over 80%.

The Safety Shower Test Cart reduces expenses for weekly activations by decreasing the time spent testing and the number of employees needed to conduct tests.

To calculate how much you could save, start by entering the number of emergency showers you have.

Check out the Safety Shower Test Cart

A better way to test
emergency showers

  1. Adjustable funnel easily captures the shower water with no mess and allows for visual checks for spray pattern.
  2. Industrial-grade thermometer quickly tests water temperature during shower test.
  3. Clear PVC pipe allows for water clarity test.
  4. Lightweight aluminum construction is designed for easy mobility and individual operation.
  5. High-performance bilge pump clears water from tank in as short as a minute.
  6. Water level gauge measures flow rate.
  7. Durable and industrial tank with 30 gallon capacity allows for testing multiple showers.

Easily test Eyewash Stations

Test recessed and pedestal eyewash stations

  1. Adjustable drain tray fits under eyewash and tilts water into T-Bowl.
  2. T-Bowl catches water from drain tray and can be emptied into the Shower Test Cart.
  3. Unique design allows T-Bowl to fit under and around the “T” opening near the bottom of pedestal eyewashes.
  4. Different measurements fulfill testing requirements for both solo and combination units.

Hear from actual customers

A demonstration by the University of Colorado

Other testimonials

Steve Williams
Maintenance Engineer for Duke Facilities Management

“It looks crazy but it actually works”

Stephanie Colman
EHS Coordinator Texas A&M University

“The Green Gobbler was super easy to work with. First, I loved not holding the sock over a trash can. I stayed dry, and I didn’t have to lug a mop and bucket around because there was no mess. Second, it was easy to drain. Lastly, we had a shower that wouldn’t turn off so I was able to pump the water out into the sink while the cart was filling up and Facilities was trying to turn the shower off.”

Jonathan Ebert

Thank you. We used it on Friday, and it works great.

See our additional products

For fewer showers, use
the Little Gobbler

  1. Hook allows for Little Gobbler to hang from emergency safety shower.
  2. The funnel easily captures the shower water with no mess.
  3. Industrial-grade thermometer quickly tests water temperature during shower test.
  4. Clear PVC pipe allows for water clarity test.
  5. 5-gallon bucket holds water dispensed from a few showers before needing to be emptied.

Ready to transform your safety testing?

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